guineamania (guineamania) wrote,

Dear Spacer Letter

Dear my Space Swap author,
Thanks a lot for creating something for me.

General Ideas

  • More than happy for any AUs

  • Angst is fine as long as it is resolved happily

  • No non-canonical character death

  • No sex please - can be mentioned but no actually discription

  • Non-sexual submission is much enjoyed

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

  • I just want these fools to be happy, especially Cassian

  • Everyone Lives AU are my favourite but at least Jyn, Cassian and Bodhi to survive if you don't want to bring everyone back

  • Can include the original three if wanted

  • Something like them returning the rebellion after the destruction of the death star and working out where to go then

  • Or any AUs like different meetings are nice

  • I also like kidnapping, torture, mind washing e.t.c as long as it is all happy in the end

  • Really anything where those idiots get to enjoy life

Star Wars: Sequel Triology

  • As above, those idiots enjoying life

  • Super awesome jedi Rey

  • Vaguely force-sensitive Poe?

  • Kes Dameron being everyone's dad is also loved

  • Pretty much the same as above

Young Justice

  • Wally still alive please

  • Bad Ass Dick Grayson either as Robin or Nightwing

  • Bad Ass Zatanna taking the world by storm

  • Batfamily feels

  • Nightwing taking over as Batman and how the team reacts?

  • Team fluff

  • Basically I love Dick and Zatanna either in love or as an awesome crime fighting friendship

Hope this helps :)
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